Saturday, June 30, 2012

Not really TPT

Since this used to be common knowledge but contrary to what people seem to think now.
Plants grow from CO2 and higher levels are better for plants and people. 

The hoax of CAGW... catastrophic anthropogenic global warming being caused by increased CO2 levels is an  anti-human activity.

original source: Source: Susanne von Caemmerer, W. Paul Quick, and Robert T. Furbank (2012). The Development of C4 Rice: Current Progress and Future Challenges. Science 336 (6089): 1671-1672.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

" They Didn't Die, They Thrived"

Japanese Tsunami Debris arrive sooner TPT

See this story.

FTA: "This should be a warning to everybody that this stuff is coming a lot faster than we thought it was.

 "It looks like there is a very, very abundant community of Asian organisms that have been floating in the ocean for a year and are intact and alive on this float," Chapman said. "Everybody is worried because the majority of them do not live on this coast."


 "The other thing astonishing to us is that they should have died or starved to death, but are obviously in very good shape. They did very, very well floating across the ocean on this thing. They didn't die, they thrived,"

My comments:  What do you think?  Is this the first time in the last 14000 years that life forms have arrived from Asia on the western Hemisphere?  Somehow I doubt it.  Further increases my skepticism of human migration over the Behring land bridge.  Why postulate a massively challenging land based migration when the world is interconnected by Ocean?