Monday, July 28, 2014

Mormon pioneers were safer on trek than previously thought, especially infants

With all the suffering on the Pioneer overland trek, things were not necessarily any better at home.

I always thought that people were dying left and right. But in reality, it wasn't much different than the general population. If you randomly select 100 people in America at that time, you'd expect 2.9 to die. If you randomly select 100 pioneers, you'd expect 3.5 to die. Crossing the Plains was more dangerous, but it was a small difference.”
Aaron Smith

also FTA:  these rates are hard to compare as our current rate is 0.008 instead of 2.9. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Earth's Magnetric Field weakening faster TPT

Another cause for concern?  Wonder if this correlates with CO2 emissions.

FTA: The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening rapidly and may be getting ready to flip.


FTA: The magnetic field forms because Earth’s core is made of a giant ball of iron surrounded by molten metal which flows deep beneath the surface. That movement creates the field and protects the planet from deadly solar radiation.

my comment: Enjoy!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Amazon Rainforest younger TPT

What we think about the Amazon Rainforest may need some significant rethinking.

FTA: The new study has found evidence that in a few hundred years, the land may have radically switched from a smattering of wide savannas to the "timeless" rainforests of today. 

The scientists were studying what kind of crops the natives raised and how it impacted the rainforests.

FTA: Instead they came up with a different finding that the rainforest may not have been there then.

Study originally published in PNAS.
Environmental impact of geometric earthwork construction in pre-Columbian Amazonia

PNAS 2014 published ahead of printJuly 7, 2014,

Something amiss in the Universe

An aptly named article  for clear evidence that what we think we know is not how things really are;

FTA: "We are calling this missing light the photon underproduction crisis. But it's the astronomers who are in crisis—somehow or other, the universe is getting along just fine."

The article is a bit misworded.  The light is NOT missing from the universe.  It is missing from the scientists explanations of the universe. Or in other words, there is more light in the universe than the physicists can explain.

again FTA: 

 Study co-author Ben Oppenheimer said that if the light is really missing it would be a huge surprise as "intergalactic hydrogen is the component of the Universe that we think we understand the best".

So not quite different TPT but within the same concept.  We don't know all there is to know and science is never 'settled'.