Saturday, August 13, 2016


From the Christian Science Monitor

FTA: For decades, archaeologists thought they knew how the story went: Humans migrated from Siberia to Alaska over the Bering land bridge during the last Ice Age, 

New research published in Nature and
Evidence from Bison Biology in PNAS

Regarding the ice-free corridor after the last ice age FTA:

 "...we both also agree that the first hard [archaeological] evidence in the corridor when it finally opens is post-Clovis in age, and likely from people moving north and not south."

And relatively rare for stories like this; no use of the terms 'Than Previously thought' or 'more research is needed'.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

"These results were a great surprise to us,"

"Native Americans may have a more complicated heritage than previously believed."

 Nearly one-third of Native American genes come from west Eurasian people linked to the Middle East and Europe, rather than entirely from East Asians as previously thought, according to a newly sequenced genome.

From National Geographic

Willerslev believes the discovery provides simpler and more likely explanations to long-standing controversies related to the peopling of the Americas.

News report based on research published in Nature   505,p87–91 doi:10.1038/nature12736