Saturday, January 26, 2013

Protons are smaller TPT

Protons are smaller TPT

FTA: A team of scientists set out to find the size of protons, and in doing so have upset the current body of literature on quantum electrodynamics.

From another article: If the smaller size is correct, then there's something missing in physicists' understanding of quantum electrodynamics, which governs how light and matter interact.  


Chad Orzel, an associate professor of physics and astronomy at Union College and author of "How to Teach Physics to Your Dog" (Scribner, 2010), said the results are good for physics generally. "It's really boring when all the measurements and theory agree with each other. This kind of disagreement gives us something to talk about that isn't the Higgs boson."

Another example of 'if the debate is over, it isn't science.'

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lost worlds of South America

A new release from The Teaching Company. Very interesting with lots of 'Than Previously Thought' spread throughout the lectures.

The Amazon basin supported millions of people. Thousands of square miles of human modified landscape.

Crossing the Behring land bridge doesn't fit the data.